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Bringing Change Through Community Based Programs

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Our outreach to trafficking victims reaches hundreds of young women each year with practical help and opportunities for growth. We meet women where they are and help them take next steps to build a future. We do this through Purpose Groups, Jail Outreach,
Diversion Opportunities, and Economic Empowerment coaching.

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First Line of Defense

We are finding that many incarcerated women have been victims of unreported trafficking.  By actively screening women for trafficking, we uncover root issues in relationships and self-worth that keep them stuck in cycles of trafficking. Our Purpose Groups help her know her strengths and talents, and define a purpose for her life so she can overcome and live with confidence.

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Support Where It Is Greatly Needed

How does one move from physical poverty to self-sufficiency? We offer community-based programming to help survivors build a foundation of success through identification of the key pillars of success and intentional mentoring and coaching to support growth and development of survivors’ futures.


Partnering with Local & Federal Officials

Healing lives takes partnership. Over the years, we have built essential partnerships to ensure trafficking survivors’ needs are met with appropriate skill and compassion. Our partnerships include the FBI, U.S Attorney’s Office, State Attorneys' Offices, local sheriffs' offices, public defenders, and the judiciary. These are important partners as victims are rescued from trafficking. Her Song staff also serves on the Executive Committee of the Northeast Florida Human Trafficking Coalition and chairs the Service Provider Committee. We partner in statewide and national referral networks to assist with shelter placement.  We are partnered with healthcare providers, certified teachers, and counselors to assist in compassionate practical support for survivor needs.

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Outreach: What We Do

IF YOU SUSPECT HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN THE UNITED STATES PLEASECALL   1-888-373-7888   or   TEXT   “Help” to BEFREE.If you are a survivor and need services, call Her Song at 904-513-0203.If you need emergency assistance, call 911.

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