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Our Residential Care Model

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The Need for Rest

Trafficking victims have often been traumatized over a long period of time. The body, mind, and spirit are weary and need rest.  And context matters. No one heals in isolation. We have beautiful homes where women can rest, reset and consider next steps with compassionate supportive people around them. This is a critical time because change is a challenging and dynamic process and she will need to be ready to engage in her future.

Intensive Healing

This year-long phase engages women in healing body, mind, and spirit in a safe community and place to belong. This time allows survivors to heal from trauma and move from a survival-based existence to an intentional lifestyle that focuses on physical and mental health and well being. Upon completion of this program, women have the opportunity to progress to our Independent Living Home where they can put their newly acquired skills into practice.


Here women continue in a supportive empowering community while independently exercising the life skills they have learned. Intentional support assists clients in expanding their education and career plans. This safe home includes appropriate support to assist women to take financial responsibility for themselves and build toward a sustainable future.  This is the phase where survivors begin to live out their dreams.

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Residences: Testimonials

Her Song taught me how to flourish, bloom and come alive in ways that no one ever has!
I want this for other girls.

I want others to know that the trauma doesn't define you.
I am learning that degrading comments do not define who I am.
I will be a successful woman!


See my heart, not my past.
I am more than a survivor. I am a warrior.
I finally know my worth.

People were created to be loved.
Things were created to be used.
The reason why the world is in chaos is because
things are being loved and
people are being used.


For the first time
I feel like people believe in me.
For the first time
I feel like people really see me for who I am.

IF YOU SUSPECT HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN THE UNITED STATES PLEASECALL   1-888-373-7888   or   TEXT   “Help” to BEFREE.If you are a survivor and need services, call Her Song at 904-513-0203.If you need emergency assistance, call 911.

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